Thursday, July 29, 2010

Knocked Off: Farmhouse Table

The Farmhouse Table has been in my "build" folder for ages, just begging to be built. We were incredibly blessed to be gifted with a generous amount of Lowe's gift card for wedding presents. So we trekked on down and spent about $150 for lumber on the table and Rustic Bench. This has been the best project we've ever done.

I am floored with how gorgeous it turned out. We have a table and seating for a fraction of factory cost! This is better than what we could have gotten from even IKEA. I initially messed up the stain, as I didn't realize gel stain was so different from water-based. The look is fantastic, so worth the six hours of re-sanding down to remove the goopy, jacked-up stain from leaving it on way too long. More table porn ahead.

I adore the bench. I want to build another one and stain it to match our Farmhouse Bed. Maybe then it would hide the "gap tooth" effect the center 3 boards have on the footboard. We plan on adding four chairs on the table, and having just the one bench. I think it looks fantastic. And for $150 total, you can't hardly beat that price!


Greg said...

Your table is gorgeous! Can you share the plan you followed? The farmhouse table plan on knocked off appears to have cross braces at both ends of the table, but your table does not. My wife wants your exact table!!

Also what type of wood did you use?


Brooke said...

Hi Greg! We used the farmhouse table, and just eliminated the stretcher portion. We also decided to shorten the length to 6' instead of 8'. Also, we decided to use 1x6's for the top, as opposed to 2x6's. The wood was pine, and we painted the bottom and stained the top with a gel stain in mahogany. For the legs, we used 3x3's that you can purchase in the boards section of Lowe's, they're specifically for table legs. Or you could just buy some table legs you're fond of and just use those!

Anonymous said...

Quick question on the table legs what did you use? I was also wondering did you guys use 1x12 on top. Can you please get back to me. Thanks

P.s. and it is gorgeous!

Brooke said...

I tried emailing, but it got bumped back to me. Here's what I wrote:

Hi Sophia!
Thanks for visiting my site, I was so excited to be featured on Ana's front page. For the table, we used what appears to be 3x3's that we bought in the board section of Lowe's (so, not where the 4x4's are found). They're on the bottom shelves, and I think they actually say "table legs" or something similar. I saw it on someone's photo submission a few months ago, and they actually tapered their legs a bit to make it look very elegant.

I used 1x6's for the top. Basically, whenever she called for anything 2" thick, we replaced it with 1" thick material.

If you have any other questions let me know!

Sionnan said...

Your table is amazing! We are going to build a table just like it. I have a quick question though. We notice that your screws are not visible on the top pieces. Did you screw everything in from the bottom? And if so, how sturdy are the breadboard ends and where did you screw them in?
Thanks a lot!

Brooke said...

Hi Sionnan!
Thanks for the table love. We did screw everything through the support frame that's included in the plans, from the bottom. It's quite sturdy. We added a couple of metal plate strips we picked up at McCoy's for extra support on the two end pieces to knock out any wobbling. They're in the hardware aisle, and are basically flat strips of metal about 1/2" wide and 3" long that have holes you can screw into. Overlap it over your joint, and it will be solid as a rock. Hope that helps!

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