Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm a Coke Addict

A Coca-Cola addict! I've been chugging this stuff since pre-k, and it's only gotten worse with age. I'm talking a 4-a-day habit, guys. I'm a hardcore user. One thing that really burns my biscuits about the wedding machine is how they almost force brides to try to be their thinnest on their wedding day. Now, I have no problems with presenting a healthy, beautiful you, but since when do we have to hit the gym five days a week for just one day? I don't think it's fair, and though I thoroughly applaud those of you who have the discipline and commitment to achieve those goals, I'm 100% fine with the way I look. It's the exact same way I looked when Mr. SD proposed, and that's who he'll see walking down the aisle.

So what's the point of this post? Health, ladies! Though I don't want to ramp up a crazy workout regimen, I do want to start making better choices about what I consume. Last week I decided to quit Cokes (and sodas) cold turkey, and see how it goes. And guess what? I lost three pounds in three days. THREE POUNDS! I don't say this to brag, quite the contrary. Can you even imagine how much soda I was drinking if the lack of it depletes 9000 calories from a 3 day eating routine? Holy cannoli, I was bad. Slap me on the wrist please! Though the drop has bottomed out since then, I'm hoping to maintain it by abstaining from sodas and hopefully kicking the habit. Then maybe I can re-introduce this liquid catnip by only indulging a few times a week. I can handle that. I hope. 

Has your wedding inspired you to make healthier life choices? What have you improved in your life?

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