Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hot Bod

Now that we've decided on a cruise for our honeymoon, it's time to start putting together my vacation wardrobe. I'm so excited, it's by far the fanciest thing we'll have done as a couple. In fact, it's our first real vacation together! We've only been on camping trips, so this will be a luxury. I'm one of those packers who has each outfit lined up a week in advance. I don't over pack, but I do like to look cute and have options. I have some cute dresses in mind, but let's start with the good stuff: swimsuits!

I bought all these lovelies from I love that it's a women-powered business, and a Texas-born online shop. They ship everywhere, and have great deals (like joining their facebook fan page for 25% off your first order). Here's what I picked out:

Samoa Dunes by A.Che. I love the pattern and cut, and the bottoms fit especially well. This is more for the bustier set to begin with, I'm a 32A and the smallest top is a 34B, so I had to take it in a bit. But once that was done it looks super-cute! I think I'd wear this one playing in the water, it's very sturdy and doesn't feel like it would ever slip off. Maybe I'll model it for a few lucky stingrays ;)

Sea Side Pin Up by Lady Lux. Holy Cleavage Batman! This suit is S.E.X.Y. I love it. I lust for it. I can't wait to wear it with abandon. Word of advice? Order the bottoms a size up if you're not into mega-skimp. I'm millimeters away from imitating a plumber. So, this is purely a lounging suit. And a get-noticed suit! Lady Lux knows where it's at. Once I can afford to splurge on another, I have the Hot Tamale in my sights.

Golden Carousel by B.Swim. This is without a doubt my favorite suit. It's kind of a "juniors" line, so it fits my petite frame really well. I adore the bottoms, the rings are such a cute touch. And the straps on the back are completely different, there's no tie on the neck, it all loops through and you tighten it on the back. I plan on making this my go-to suit for everyday wear on the ship. I can't wait to lay out and be so adorable! I've never had this many good options for swimwear, normally I'm a Target kind of girl. But there's something about a honeymoon that makes me want to look my best, and as this is our first vacation together, I want to make it special. I feel when I dress well, I feel my best.

Any brides out there stocking up for a cute honeymoon wardrobe?

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