Monday, July 26, 2010

Heirloom Guestbook

It's important to me to be able to preserve something tangible from our wedding day. Photos are fabulous, and albums these days are works of art. However, I love the idea of someday having our grandchildren inheriting a memento of the day we began our lives together. That's why we chose to do a quilt for our guestbook.

I think whoever came up with this idea was a genius. I've never really been a guestbook fan in general, so I think joining it with something practical, not merely a display piece, will make me very happy. I'll always think of happy memories as we curl up beneath it together on the couch. I bought a Moda jellyroll from a quilt shop for 20 dollars to make the base from, and plan to supplement it if needed after the wedding. It looks kind of like this.

(from etsy seller Karamat)

Basically it's kind of like a quilt-top kit, where you get 40 pieces of pre-cut, coordinating fabric from the designer's line. Cute idea, yeah? This makes it pretty easy. I also want to quilt it all by hand, most likely with Mr. SD's grandmother, who was an avid seamstress. The problem is, where do they sign? Do I get dark pens and hope they choose to write well? Will it obscure the pretty design? Any of you that have had or plan to have a quilt guestbook with modern fabrics, what did you do? Did your plan turn out ok?

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katy.hart said...

Hey Brooke - stumbled across your blog. I too loved the idea of having a quilt instead of a guest book so we did a quilt for guests to sign instead of a book - here is a link to a really great idea for one....

modify it to meet our needs - we did simple squares which I'm bordering with a cute fabric!

Happy quilting -

p.s. I LOVE all your ideas and think your wedding is going to be amazing!! :o)


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