Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Candle Overload

Wedding crafting seems to have taken over my life. Especially when I plan out a simple task, and Mr. Sand Dollar has to go and add five steps to make it more difficult. Original plan: glue invites to backer paper. Mr. SD's plan: sew them on! Original Plan: put tealights in mason jars. Mr. SD's plan: melt wax and add wicks to make them into candles!

And he oh so conveniently is never in town when it comes time to execute his fancy pants plans. So I'm the one slaving over a hot stove chopping up my old candles, melting them down, tying wicks to spare washers to weigh them down then popping them in the freezer to set. So, three hours and 44 votives later...

We have mason jar candles to supplement the tin cans! And they really do look supercute in person. I'm excited to see them on the tables. The plan is to have most with cans and a few scattered tables with jars.

Have you had a craft project that grew in complexity overnight?

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