Saturday, June 19, 2010

Spotlight: CL Gifts

Back in my early days of freelance, I used an online bidding forum to find extra work, It was alright while I was just starting out, but I found the process of creating a profile and competing against other designers tiring. Plus being consistently underbid by foreign companies made it impossible to make any money whatsoever. Sorry, rant over. One project I won was for an online company needing a logo design for a sticker to attach on a hang tag for products. I made about six different variations of this design, and here we had a winner. I love the icy winter color scheme, and the filigree of the border. This was during my pattern phase. And of course, I always like to liven things up with a cute font! Looking at this inspires me to get moving on some more logo design. I think it may be time to get moving on the revamp of my blog...

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