Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Near Tragedy

Last week I drove Bestie C up to Greenville for a doctor's appointment, and decided to stop in at Providence Place and pick up my short reception dress for the wedding. Of course, once I saw it I couldn't resist trying it on. And then my heart stopped.

(personal photo)

We couldn't zip it up! And it wasn't even at my waist or somewhere I could lose weight, it was right over my ribcage. You can't really drop a couple of ribs really fast to fit into a dress. I admit, I had a bit of a bridezilla moment. I threw it on the floor and complained about my fat ribs. Technically we could zip it up, if I stopped breathing and decided I looked awesome with a buttcrack in the middle of my back. Obviously that wouldn't work. So, instead of waiting on a seamstress and paying to get it altered, I took it home. I'm not too shabby with a sewing machine, so I knew I could take care of it myself. I ripped out the zipper to just below the ruched waistline, and sewed it in at the very end of the fabric. And guess what?

(personal photo)

She fits! And no horrible back fat! Score. And it took maybe 15 minutes. Not bad at all. Next up on the list was hemming this baby. Because it hung down to the middle of my shins and in no way could be interpreted as sexy. It's way longer than they pretend it to be in the photo.

Even here it's way too long. And looks more yellow than the ivory color does in person. To give you a little background before I start this next paragraph, I'll set the scene. I'd had a pretty frustrating day, with finances and work and such, and was pretty much at the "screw it" mindset. Towards everything. So, as I said earlier, it was time to hem my dress. Instead of spending hours pinning and measuring and aiming for perfection, I hung it on a hook in front of a dress about the right length. I pulled out my shears, and just chopped it right off. That's right. I hacked up my wedding dress with abandon! I really loved how it looked with the unfinished cuts, as that's such a big trend right now anyway. But I knew it would fray like no other, so I just went ahead and put in a few hasty hems and will press them out later. Here's how she looks.

(personal photo)

I love it! It's floaty and sassy and twirls just right. Plus it makes the girls look good. Can't get better than that! Those are my lovely red boots I'll be rockin' that day too. Now I just need to pick out a fun necklace and I'm all set!

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