Monday, June 21, 2010

Modern Menu

There are days when you work on super important fancy design work. And then there are days when you get to do all the fun fluffy stuff. A friend asked me to design a monogram and menu for her mother's 60th birthday dinner at the Hilton Bella Harbor. It's still one of my favorite layouts to date. There's just something so graceful about perfectly paired typography. Fonts are like crack to me. I love making interesting combos and playing with unusual partners. And I loathe Papyrus like Pepsi. It's a pretender I tell you! Down with Papyrus!

Okay. Back to the matter at hand. It's your typical mullet project. Business in the front (menu choices), party in the back!
While the front of the menu was basic info, the back was where all the fun was at. These six life lessons were drilled into Mrs. Hadley's two daughters. At dinner we celebrated them all. Along with the monogram it was an outstanding addition to making a basic menu something glamorous. I'd love to be able to design something this fun again. Maybe I'll throw a dinner party just for this purpose!

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