Thursday, June 24, 2010

Letting Go

Today was a sad day at Casa B. We're purging and packing a lot to get ready for the big move to LJ next month. I decided to list the extra items on Craigslist thinking it would take a few weeks to get 'em gone, since honestly it's all "college" furniture and nothing I found too desirable. Boy was I wrong! I listed them late last night and had them all spoken for by a sweet woman who is redesigning her photo studio. And now I'd like to give a fond farewell to all those things that served me so well. Goodbye, gorgeous royal purple IKEA rug! You protected the area below you from puppy stains and accidents. For some reason my pooches were afraid to step foot on it.

So long, ancient Target craft desk! You've been through so many different looks, and given me five good years of hard labor. I'll miss ya.

Farewell chrome IKEA stools! I really did love these suckers, but we barely used 'em. Nobody seems to want to sit on a bar stool nowadays.

See ya powder blue night stand. We had a good run together. Your buddy will have a good home in Bestie C's house.

I'm so ready to get this move over with and be in the house for good. No more tiny kitchen, no more limited space. Five weeks left!

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