Saturday, June 12, 2010

IKEA Kitchen

Who knew one store could hold so much awesomeness? When the Boy and I first started dreaming about renovating the kitchen at G-ma's house, we figured it would be a few years down the road. Then we discovered the IKEA kitchen. Be still my beating heart.
I have wanted a farmhouse sink since the day I laid eyes on one. Yet the thousand dollar price tag on most models kept my dreams at bay. When we were breezing through IKEA one day, we discovered this gem. It's gorgeous, enormous, and best of all, three hundred bucks. I can't wait to take her home.

Our next big-ticket item are the Lagan butcher block counter tops. Another thing we thought it would take years to afford is readily available at IKEA for $60 for 8 feet. So for under $150, we'll have new counter tops in our kitchen. Hooray!

This is not my kitchen. But, after I paint the cabinets cream, it'll look pretty similar to this one. Light, airy, and delicious. Maybe someday we'll splurge on the glass-front doors too. But for now, here's a refresher of what we're starting with.

Blah all around. But envision a few coats of paint, new counter tops, a sink to die for, and newer appliances and we're in business!

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