Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wishin' and Hopin'

And prayin' that all our hard work won't be for naught. Tomorrow we go to Lake Jackson, and Monday is the big day. It's when all our decisions will be made. And if feet are still trying to drag, well then, we have to make the hard decision to walk away. And that would be a major disappointment.

But if we didn't, where would we draw the line? Wait until after the wedding? The honeymoon? Having children? Drop thousands of dollars and blood, sweat and tears? It wouldn't be wise. If things don't move forward now, then it's clear they never will. And unfortunately this always seems to be the case when dealing with family. Especially blended families where some members feel that blood is more important than honor. But what can you do? Decide not to become involved. And we may have to make that decision. What it's going to boil down to, is loyalty. And where that loyalty lies. So keep your fingers crossed for us. Monday's gonna be a big day.

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