Saturday, May 8, 2010

When It Rains...

It pours. Wondering what that photo is? It's me. Looking in my car. At my dogs, who just locked me out, sitting there along with my keys, wallet, and cell phone.

Awesome. So, let me tell you about what's in the running for the worst day ever...

The morning had a really great start. Ihop. Migas. Coca-cola. Basically this girl's dream. We get back to the house to do a little work. We do a second coat of paint on the bathroom, install the new light fixture, and grind off carpet nails. Progress is great, yeah? So we call up a friend to bring us a few tools and extra manpower to take out the hideous old vanity so we can put in our spiffy new handmade one. The first hint was that the Boy noticed the water won't shut off manually, you have to call the city to come out. So instead of doing that, the decision was made to instead just be super careful around the pipe and try to avoid the inevitable. I'm sure you can see where this is going.

About two minutes after the Boy warns friend not to kick said vanity to protect the pipe, the vanity is kicked about twenty times. I'm sanding in the other room, and hear "oh @*&#!" Yup. Pipe is down. And water is everywhere. I'm scooping it up with a dustpan into a bucket, using a hose to divert as much flow as possible into the bathtub, but it gets out of hand quick. Long story short I'm scoopin' for a good thirty minutes or so while the tub is overflowing and literally dumping buckets of water out the window. Luckily a good friend works for the city water department, and shut it off quick. Commence two hour cleanup.

We decompressed over a nice Mexican dinner. Chips and salsa with a coke make everything better. We head back to the house, and he packs up and sets out for his dad's house so they can go to the deer lease early in the morning. I'm loading up to head to my parents' for mother's day. I get everything in the car, and load up the dogs. Just as I shut the door I realize I left my camera on the porch, so I turn around to get it when I hear the worst sound ever. The sound of all my doors locking at once as Rory steps on the switch. Oh @*&#. 45 minutes later the Boy's cousin stops by to free my dogs from the heat death trap of my locked car. I finally get on the road. And now what?

Yup. 60 miles into my trip I realize I left my camera on the pavement. My $500 Canon Rebel DSLR. FML. I call the Boy, panic in my voice. Shaking. It's like I left my right arm. Again, amazingly he drives by and it's still sitting there. Lucky? Maybe. Blessed? Definitely. This has been a day of testing my patience, and surprisingly everything that should have been horrible has turned out in the best way possible. That leak should have damaged a lot of sheetrock and furniture. But we had conveniently emptied out the adjoining bedroom mere minutes before so I could sand the floors. I didn't have to pay to get my car unlocked since it's all in the family in a small town (gotta love that!). My camera wasn't stolen when I pulled an airhead move. And I did get lost on the way home, but it ended up actually shortening my route. Sometimes it's hard to deny there's a man upstairs looking out for me. Because lord knows I need it!

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