Monday, May 31, 2010

The Unromantic Stuff

One of the good parts of going to Lake Jackson for the weekend was picking up our marriage license. Now, I'm able to change my name from old to new. I haven't really spilled the beans to many people about going to the courthouse (we went on May 7th), so I'm anxious to see whether people notice my new driver's license or debit card. And if this is the first time you've heard it and are wondering, the answer is yes. We're still having a wedding. We went because we were going to have to do it at the courthouse beforehand anyway, instead of shuffling through paperwork to get a friend ordained to marry us and wondering if it was going to be 100% legal. Plus, The Boy had to move in with me May 8th and I wanted to make it legal before we started shacking up together. I'm old fashioned that way.

Changing my name wasn't really a huge gut-wrenching decision. I'm by no means a feminist, though I do value independence, both financially and personally. I always want to do my own thing and be able to get by with my own job. We do plan on combining our finances, and as I'm the financial planner, I'll be managing all our money. So there's going to be balance as far as becoming a family. Though changing my name wasn't really high on my to-do list. Traditional as I am, I also have a strong modern streak running through me. I was fine with keeping my maiden name. I knew any children we had would have The Boy's last name, and I didn't feel like I would lose any connection by not sharing it. It's not as if they would be any less mine with a different name. They would still grow inside me, and I plan on using the whole "pushing a watermelon out of me" line whenever I need to guilt The Boy into doing whatever it is I want him to do.

But the catch was, it was a big deal to him. He was horrified when I mentioned keeping my maiden name. He's way more traditional than I am, which in most cases is fine by me. And since it really didn't bother me either way, I decided that since it mattered so much to him I would change it. And so I did. And yeah, it feels weird. It's going to take a while before I get used to seeing that funny set of letters behind my first name. Signing it has been a nightmare. I've never used cursive much anyway, (gradeschool teachers straight-up LIE when they say you'll need it later!) so writing these funny letters I never needed before feels odd on my hands. But I'll get over it. And The Boy gets happy every time I come home with another document in my new name. And I'm happy that we're one step closer to getting through this whole wedding business!

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