Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spotlight: Lakeside Home & Garden Show logo

The Lakeside Home & Garden Show is coming up, in fact, it's the day after my wedding. I was commissioned to design the logo, something fun and fresh. I really like how it turned out, the cute little silhouettes of home and garden improvement were a blast to create. And nothing sets my heart to fluttering like a delicious font. I even have another version, so they can use the two interchangeably.

This one is a bit mellower. Easier to place in horizontal web banners too! This took me a grand total of two hours to design. Sometimes I really get stuck and spend days on logo variations, but other times, like this one, I really hit the ground running. Hopefully I'll have some more design work coming my way, working on only one type of project gets a bit tiring. But at least there's always DIY to get my creative juices flowing!

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