Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Funday

And Day 1 of the Week of Home Improvement has begun! And it's not nearly as exciting as it sounds. The Boy has a week off between semesters, so we plan to take advantage of this brief respite and work our little tushes to the bone on the house. We only have a handful of weekends this summer to finish things up and get it to a mostly livable state before the big move in August. This is also (hopefully) our last trip involving demo, the rest should be smooth sailing with paint and a little fun furniture building. So, what important tasks did we accomplish today? Well, as the photo above shows, we towed Suzi down to her permanent home.

We cleared out my wedding closet and hauled it all down south where the nuptials will take place.

I sanded down our ring "pillow". It'll be slightly prettified later with ribbon. And maybe I'll throw a gloss on it. Who knows!

We played cowboy at his dad's house and shot our guns. And trust me, the Boy has a lot of guns. We were here for over an hour (and here is a nice secluded outdoor lot, no apartments were harmed in the discharge of weapons!) And I found that once I have proper ear protection I am quite the sharpshooter! If I don't then I squirm away and my bullets go wild. No bueno.

And that's it for the recap on day 1. I know we seem like a fat load of slackers, but we did accomplish a few things. We got our prenup notarized, and went to the bank. That counts, right?

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