Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Meet the Crew

Every bride needs a good crew around her, right? I've got a slew of lovely ladies to be there with me on my big day, to bring me margaritas and gussy me up. Without further ado, my peeps.

Big Sis is of course my Maid of Honor. We were thick as thieves as kids, making up plays with stuffed animals and filming dozens of ridiculous home videos with our giant recorder.

Cousin J is someone I've known pretty much as long as my sister. Our families were friends back when they were in high school, so it was pretty much a given that we would all be too. Her favorite thing back in the day (and well, now too!) was fashion shows after long days of shopping at the outlet mall. She's the best sounding board for what looks great and what's ridiculous.

Ah, Bestie S. High school never would have been the same without her. Nor would the physics cardboard boat race, which we triumphed on! (as seen in the photo above) I loved her craftapallooza for her wedding two years ago. We spent hours upon hours cutting, folding, and assembling pocketfold invitations and spray painting centerpieces. And nothing was as beautiful as her sunshiny face on her wedding day.

Bestie N was a great friend in high school, but when we found out we lived down the block from each other in Dallas during our good old independence days, we became inseparable! Lunch dates, dinner dates, late night coffee dates. We had a blast with each other, and were traumatized when we had to move to separate cities. But no matter what we'll be buds til the end.

You should know Bestie C by now. Though not a bridesmaid, she's definitely part of the wedding crew. She's my hair beautifier, stress diffuser, and overall go-to gal. There's no way I'd make it through the week before without her help. I can't wait to bring them all together and have a Bachelorette bash to remember!

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staciekop said...

Of all the pictures?! Really???? I swear.

I still love you. A lot.

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