Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Knocked Off: Farmhouse Bed

Well we did it! We built the Farmhouse Bed from Knock Off Wood. And doesn't it look effin awesome? I'm so proud! And the total cost? Eighteen dollars. Yes, the cost of supplies was only $18! I mentioned yesterday that I was lucky enough to have all the wood given to me by my dad, who has his own private lumberyard chock full of good stuff. And I love that it's not only free, but recycled. How awesome is that?

And even better? This is the original bed that the Farmhouse is knocking off.

They look pretty close, right? There's planking instead of a smooth center, and a bit more detailing. But once ours is sanded and stained, it's going to look just as fabulous as that without the $1200 Pottery Barn pricetag.

We plan on sanding it down and staining it to match the closet doors in the master bedroom. A small part of me just wants to leave it rustic looking and natural. But I'm sure that once it's down in LJ and stained to match everything, it will look phenomenal. We had to make a couple of modifications to the plan due to the found lumber. Mostly just in the sizing of a few planks, and we cut out a 2x4 board that sandwiches between the headboard/footboard and the top plank. And I think it looks all the better for it. Can't wait to keep on building, who knows what we'll tackle next?


Erica said...

What a beautiful bed! You did a fantastic job and you must be so proud. It's really inspiring to see everyone just get out there and BUILD!

Kudos to you - have a great day!

~ Regan said...

This is a gorgeous bed!!! I would love to build one, but I'm afraid my room might be a tad too small for this bed and all the furniture my hubs insists on keeping around.... "Why get new? This is just fine!" Ugh, I wish he would understand my new crush on furniture!! ;)
Absolutely fabulous. I would probably want to just whitewash it a little... I love the rustic-ness of it!

wyowoman said...

Wow, I love it! And I'm really intrigued by the art above it- where in the world did you get that? Did somebody make it??? Gorgeous Room!

Lone Star Marketing said...

Thanks Wyowoman! Actually, it's a wall art piece from Z Gallerie, some metal leaves and candles. I decided it would be a great place to hang all my jewelry from ;)

Noelle O'Reilly said...

This is so pretty, I love the rustic look of the reclaimed wood. I would leave it unpainted, it's so beautiful as is!

Carolyn said...

Really love the planks- much better than the smooth yuppie-chic retail version. This would be so great for an inexpensive, twin-sized kid/teen bed, as well as the up sized version.

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