Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm Blue

Look familiar? Yup, today was much like yesterday. We hung up a new ceiling fan in the guest room. And admired the (yet to be touched-up) teal blue paint in the room. And just for kicks, here's another side-by-side comparison of before and after (in-progress)

 Yeah, G-ma has a lot of clothes to sort through!

Pretty! This room is going to make me so happy when it's finished. The shades of blue are just right, a nice balance of soothing and enticing. There's a bit more love needed here, like sanding the floors and repairing some damage on the hardwoods. But it's getting there. And I love how the silver fan pops. Much better than the more traditional look we have going in the master. It just wouldn't have fit in here. 

But don't worry, we haven't just been hanging ceiling fans then calling it quits. Oh, no! We took another stab at a Knock Off Wood project. This time, it's a vanity! Want a sneak peek?

We just finished it today after getting started yesterday. And the best part is we even made the vessel sinks ourselves! Lowes and Home Depot want to charge you over $100 each for a simple vessel sink. So we got our gears turning and decided that we can pick up regular old metal bowls, drill a couple of holes, and install our own drains. And guess what? They look AMAZING! And for less than $60 for both. How's that for DIY? Tune in tomorrow for the full scoop!

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