Friday, May 21, 2010


Apparently there is a science to losing weight, and burning fat. I knew the Insanity workout had a good reputation when I found it. Yet after my first time through I noticed that I didn't lose weight, I gained it. Yes, I know it was muscle weight, but sometimes a girl gets discouraged when the numbers on the scale aren't going the way she wants them to. And maybe it was just that I really didn't have very much to lose in the first place, I started at the "bottom" where you tone up the fat you have and improve muscle mass. That's what I tell myself at least!

In order to fight the negative feelings the scale gives me, and the fact that even the tape measure refuses to budge on inches, I invested in a heart monitor. This heart monitor.

The Timex Personal Trainer. And I love it! It tracks my heart rate throughout the entire exercise, and lets me know how many calories I burn. I've only used it on one of the workouts (in my opinion the hardest of the first month), Pure Cardio. I burned 460 calories and kept my heart rate at the anaerobic level, which according to my athletic training friend means I'm burning pure fat, nothing else. That's exactly what I wanna hear! Hopefully with this new tool I'll be able to use my workouts more effectively and burn those last couple of fat reserves that irritate me so much. Here's hoping!

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