Friday, May 21, 2010

Far Away

I wanna go far away. I want a honeymoon that's a) hot b) sunny c) relaxing. The boy agrees. So where should we go?

I get the Travel Zoo email every week, which has amazing deals on flights, hotels, and more. Last week we found an almost unbelievable one, one week in the Dominican Republic at an all inclusive resort including travel for $500/person. It seemed perfect! The only downfall was we had to book within two days in order to take advantage of it, and we're not usually trigger happy people. We're banking that something this cool will come along closer to the big day. But a cruise or resort on the beach would be a great option for us.

The Grand Canyon is actually our top choice. If we can figure out a way to do it under three grand, then this is probably what we'll end up doing. We're both pretty outdoorsy, and it's such an interesting place. Yet, we can also hold off and go later in life when we have a family. So we're kind of on the fence about it, when we could have an easy package deal for a tropical location. I'm sure once we get closer to W-day, we'll hammer out exactly what kind of honeymoon we want.

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