Sunday, May 9, 2010


Our engagement pictures are finally here! I bartered a session with a friend for invitation design, and I'm really glad I did. All the post-processing has been done by moi, and I think we make one hot couple!

The location was absolute perfection.

It's the cutest little Old West museum town behind a Baylor University building. I love this place. It fits us so well.

Then it was time for a quick outfit change and we headed on down to Cameron Park.

Mr. SD's mama is absolutely thrilled that we got some of him smiling and not grimacing. What is it with boys and their serious faces in photos? I did more than my fair share of tickling and pinching to get him to smile. Now just to decide what to do with these bad boys...

*All photos done by the wonderful Sunny Smith. If you're a Waco area bride, you should definitely give her a buzz!

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