Monday, May 24, 2010

DIY: Light up Letters

Crafting is a serious addiction. And nothing makes me happier than spreading the love! Bestie C found this plain metal letter at an antique store, and decided to gussy it up a little. Under my expert tutelage, she made it uniquely hers, and it's going to look great in her DIY bedroom she's designing for August!

First we drilled more larger holes with my Skil drillpress. We picked up these globe lights from Target for $12.99 since they'd have that vintage marquee vibe. Then she spraypainted the whole thing turquose. After it dried (about 10 minutes), she cut up some zebra fabric we bought at Hobby Lobby into strips so they'd be easy to mod podge into the inside of the letter. After a good long blow dry (about 30 minutes), she was ready to do a little finishing. Enter the handy hot glue gun and a little black grosgrain ribbon. She glued it around the edges so you couldn't see the frayed ends of the fabric and voila! We were ready to pop in the lights.

It's super bright! She did such a great job. With the extra zebra fabric I whipped up a quick sleeve for the extra cord. It looks so cute! Here's the proud DIY maven now.

Can't wait to see it in her glorious new space! Congrats Bestie C!

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