Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cleaning House

One of our largest projects is going to be cleaning out the house. Especially since it's a lifetime of accrued possessions. Every tchotchke, every dish, every piece of random furniture. It's all gotta go before we can start moving our things down. Craigslist is going to be key in making this happen. Not only will things go to people who actually want them, but hopefully we'll be able to get a little cash from them to put back into the house. A couple of things will be getting a facelift and keeping their home. Like this:

A super cute retro magazine table. I haven't decided what color to paint it, but it's gonna be snazzy!

A good part of me wants to give this old tv a new life. How awesome would it be to paint it some bright color, throw on a vintage knob, and put in a newer tv? It still works just fine, and I have vague memories of crawling on one just like this when I was a kiddo. Who am I to deny future generations of hoodlums? But along with all this good, comes a little bad. Case in point:

It's the lamp/table combo! It doesn't get better than this. I mean, can't you see the original plastic still wrapped around the shade? Yeah, buddy! Sweetness.

Who wouldn't want an ancient couch bed with frayed fabric and a lumpy mattress? Well, actually we've already gotten a buyer for it after 30 minutes on craigslist! For 35 buckaroos we're getting rid of this eyesore. And it isn't soon enough. Along with the bad, we've got a few gems.

An antique dressing table.

And a fancy-pantsy dresser.

So, hopefully next month I'll be able to say that these babies all have new homes. Go check out the Houston Craigslist if you're in the market for some quality furniture. Until then, here's hopin.

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