Friday, May 14, 2010

Bloggers Without Makeup

Apparently it's Bloggers Without Makeup Day? I'm not too up-and-up on the internet subculture, but it seems like a good enough idea for me to participate! Here I am, in all my makeup-free glory.

This was during my ill-begotten bangs episode last summer. I got it in my head that I really wanted bangs, and since the Boy ran off to Waco accidentally taking my keys with him (when I was living in Dallas) I did them myself as I couldn't drive anywhere. It wasn't necessarily a bad look, it just got old real fast. And obviously they take forever to grow out! I'm still growing them out a year later.

So, that's me! I virtually never wear makeup anyway, I'm too lazy to take the time to put it on every morning, and it seems to defeat the purpose to apply it in the afternoon. I'll sometimes slap on a little concealer and mascara if we're going out at night. But otherwise, this is what I look like 95% of the time (just now without bangs!)

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