Friday, May 7, 2010

A Better Bathroom

Again with the teaser! But seriously, our vanity turned out so much better than we even hoped. The plans are from Knock Off Wood, and this is the Farmhouse Vanity.  Wanna see?

It looks fantastic in person. And the bathroom has come so far! We framed out the mirror with 100% recycled wood trim from McCoy's, stained to match our vanity. We installed a brand new fancy-pants light, that's crazy bright. And we even took off all the wallpaper and repainted! How's that for progress? See, I told you we weren't lazy bums the entire time. Here's another look at the changes.

 super blah. I mean, check out that wallpaper! And the old vanity was hideous

 I think the gray looks fantastic. It'll blend in more with the blue tile once we put in some of the linens and paint the floor. Which is super clean given the fact that the pipe burst while taking out the old stuff and everything flooded for an hour...but that's a story for tomorrow. For now, wanna see our DIY vessel sinks by their new home?

 Pretty! The colors work so well. That plywood was well worth the $55/sheet. And we only used a third of it, so luckily we'll get to build a couple more things with it. And now, I have a question. To repost the first image...

See that space on the wall where there's no tile? Here's what I'm thinking, and tell me if I'm crazy. Our idea is to pop off the blue tiles under the right side of the vanity and place them in the rectangular gap on the far right wall. Then my thoughts were to create a "headboard" type contraption to fit behind the vanity to hide the sheetrock and pipes. We can use wood from the tabletop, frame it out with trim matching the mirror, and place it behind it all. My hesitation is, will it be too much wood? Too matchy matchy? There's really nothing to compare this idea to, so I'll shoot it into the blogosphere. Would a bathroom "headboard" work to hide the damage?

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Fawn said...

I think that is a great idea!! I have never liked looking at plumbing lines so hiding it is always a good idea in my opinion :)

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