Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bestie C's Birthday

Today is Bestie C's 20th birthday. To celebrate, I made her a couple of hand-crafted presents. I'm a strong believer that gifts should have a lot of thought behind them, and handcrafting is usually a pretty good way to achieve that goal. I had an idea to make a fabric letter to match the decor in the bedroom she's planning to create when she moves lat theis summer, kind of like these from Anthropologie.

It didn't turn out too bad for my first time through. I had to trace the letter out on foam board to insert inside the fabric so it would keep its proper shape. Then I added in some simple batting and voila! Pretty letter C. I want to make some for the Lake Jackson house, maybe a J + B, or a heart, or ampersand. Who knows.

I also decided to try my hand at this lovely eye mask from Amy Butler's InStiches book. It seemed so pretty and simple, and who doesn't need an eyemask for the bedroom, eh?

My attempt was not quite so impressive. It's ok, but I had a hard time making the round edges seem professional. Mostly it's just a big mess. But Juno was a fan.

Lovely! At least Bestie C was happy to receive it. She likes homemade presents as much as I do. Now off to bake her some banana pudding and the birthday is complete.

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