Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And So It Begins

Today was a good day for making progress. I thought most of it would be shot, as we needed to make the hour trek up to Sugar Land to see G-ma in the hospital (and she's doing great, thank goodness!) We made it back to the house around 1 to really start moving. We hung up our spiffy new ceiling fan, and it's made such a huge difference. It's finally starting to look like a home! Don't believe me? Check out this before and after (and after is really more of the "in progress" status)

blech. shag carpet. ancient paint. bad lighting.


Ooooh! So roomy and green! I love this color. It makes me so happy inside. And really, the room does look absolutely huge now. We still need to sand and paint the floors and trim. And I have to touch up my edges and some bald spots. But overall, this room is lookin' good! So good, that we pat ourselves on the back and booked it outta there to spend a few hours lounging in the sun on a friend's boat. I'm going to love this town!

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