Friday, April 9, 2010

WIWOT: Black & Blue Invitation Suite

This was definitely one of my more interesting (i.e. difficult) projects. Initially it was just a typesetting job, with the bride providing paper she'd already purchased. Then it was decided I would print them as well. And let me tell you, was that a wake-up call! My first printer broke (it had been dying slowly as it was, this just nudged it along) so I had to make an emergency purchase of a brand new printer. Then, it took five hours to figure out, "prime" the ink, and get it moving reliably. And it doesn't stop there! After that it still took seven, yes seven hours to print all the pieces! And the maps are double sided!

I am really happy with how they turned out though. I drew them myself, now I wish I had more inserts to include in my own invitations. But I think I'll keep it simple. Cheaper and quicker that way!

I really like these reply cards. It gives me faith that with a quality type-setting job, these store-bought pre-printed invitation options can be stunning. No need to pay for fancy-pants designer invites ladies! Just download a few free fonts (here I'm using Mrs. Eaves, and Affair) and go to town. A few key principles:
* Never use more than 3 different fonts. Stuff starts lookin' crazy yo!
* Never use two of the same type. So no two serifs (the letters with the little "hats"), sans-serifs (like this one on screen) or similar hand-drawn fonts. Keep 'em different.
* If you're "branding" your wedding with a monogram or typography logo, don't use that font anywhere else. Keep that set aside just for you, so it makes it clear this is a monogram, not just a font. This one you can bend a little, though!

So that's it. Virtually pain-free invitation creation, and at little expense too. This barely touched my black ink cartridge, so cost of printing would range around ten bucks tops.

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