Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wedding: Supply Closet

That there is my wedding supply closet. It's at the front of my apartment, and is absolutely crammed full of supplies. You can see the poles for the chuppah, the large tall box is butcher paper, boxes of craft supplies and all the disposables for the big party. Oh, and some charcoal, so we can barbecue and make it through these last five months. The Boy thinks I'm crazy to have all this stuff now. But I just tell him that it's superb financial planning. I've paid for everything now (save for the last vendor payments, so it's about half of the wedding expense). Now I can concentrate on a) cashing in on all those stellar credit card points and b) paying off the debt so we can re-rack it up with house improvement charges.

See? I've got all my ducks in a row! This way I no longer have to worry about the wedding this summer, especially since I should have it all paid off in no time (I may have mentioned before our budget is minute, so half of it is very manageable). Plus, my closet is no longer lonely and empty. Everyone's a winner!

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