Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wedding: Paper Lanterns

Woo hoo! They're here! Early this week I ordered 60 paper lanterns from Asian Ideas. And boy do they deliver fast! And what's even better than fast shipping? FREE shipping! Yup, on orders over $100 you get free shipping. How awesome is that? So we ordered 60 lanterns to use at the wedding. The plan is to have six strands of lights with 10 lanterns each to give the party area a little dimension. We snagged 20 in 12", 14" and 18". And I'm thrilled with the sizes! The 18" especially is a whole lot bigger than I thought it would be. And since they'll be hanging lower than the ceiling, I think it'll be pretty noticeable. Check it.

They won't be up there with the big lights, we're going to hang the strands from the top of each side beam. So the top will be brought lower, visually. If that makes sense. And with six lines across, it'll make a big impact. At least I hope. Here's a picture of them on my IKEA table for some scale perspective.

Good sizes, yeah? See what I mean about that killer 18"? He's a big fella. Then we have the little guys, but they're not so bad. The variation will be cool. I'm still kinda worried that the space will look a little bare. We have lights and lanterns across the ceiling, lights running up each supporting pole on the sides, and dance floor poles hung with lights that will define the dance floor. Anybody have suggestions for other cheap decorations?

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