Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Invites have arrived!

They're done! Yes, I am that bride who has invitations printed and fully assembled three months before they even need to be mailed. But it's definitely worth it, because this summer is revving up to be an incredibly busy one! And whenever Mr. SD laughs at me and my over-achiever-ness, I just remind him that now I can concentrate on lots of other things, like nagging him to do his laundry. Or better yet, forcing him to allow me to use the table saw.

Here they are in all their glory. And I used my roommate's beer bottle cap table for a prop because it seemed appropriate given the party we're throwin'. We'll be getting our boot-scootin' boogie on!

Once again I was coerced into sewing all the invites onto the backing paper. Punks. I did, however, shave off a lot of time and thread by replacing the zigzag stitch with a straight one. And I may even like this look better. But that could just be the slacker in me talking. If you call designing, printing, cutting, sewing and assembling 100 invitation sets all by your lonesome a slacker tendency. I wouldn't know.

The RSVP's are my favorite. I had a blast coming up with the reply options. I decided to forgo the names line, and just numbered them to figure out who the rsvp was coming from. And I tossed in a little throwback to our save-the-dates on the back with our sweet silhouettes. Honestly I can't say enough how much I love how the suite turned out. Can't wait to get them all in the mail!

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Stacie said...

These are absolutely amazing! I love love love them. Your wedding is going to be the bomb-diggity! ;)

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