Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wedding Inspiration: Aisle Pinwheels

That's right folks! I finally had a brainwave when it came to what would be lining the ceremony aisle. See, we're having a standing ceremony, with only a handful of chairs up front for our elderly guests (please don't worry, it'll only be for 10 minutes tops so I'm not asking way too much from people). So how do we keep everyone from standing in the aisle? This has been a conundrum for me for quite some time. At first, I wanted to sew bunting. Then after doing that for another project, I found that not only was it time consuming it would be difficult to pull off. Then I thought of just confetti. But people can kick that around and it would be a mess to clean up. So what to do?

Pinwheels! Especially when you can snag 72 from the Oriental Trading Company for twenty bucks! I had seen a blog post where these beauties were featured in a maternity shoot, and thought they looked so cute dotting the hillside. So why not have them lighting my way? It's fun, flirty but not too girly, and whimsical while not being too childish. I love it! And Mr. SD is cool with it too. So that means that the ceremony is all bought and paid for, ready for delivery and assembly. I love completing things six months ahead of time ;)

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