Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gimme Some Cake!

I love this cake as seen in Martha Stewart Weddings. In fact, I've decided to use it for our wedding! And that topper is so crazy cute, instead of the flower offering, I plan to create a silhouette of me twirling with the boy. Won't that be adorable? And I already have the wire, I can use some pearls and beads from my DIY combs instead of the little flowers, and find an old lid to cover for the base. Boom, done!

As for the cake, my mom and I have a master plan. We're going to buy an already frosted cake from a grocery store (most likely HEB or Kroger). Then utilizing the pimpness that is Circut Cake, we'll add the decorations for a simple, easy, and best of all CHEAP cake! And I'm positive it'll look as good as the pros. We can even skip the cricut and just make the stripe and stars. Then we can add the paper ribbon instead of having it fondant. So many options, such a fabulous cake done on the cheap. My FMIL already has a cake in store for Mr. SD as well. Wanna see it?


Guys, this is no joke. It's 100% the cake she ordered as the Groom's Cake. Aaaaaaaaaand..... I've decided to just let go on this one. Mr. SD loves fishing, he likes the cake, and well, she already went ahead and ordered it without talking to me first. My friend cracked I should have a Billy Bass next to it to complete the ambiance. I've fought so many other battles with her (balloon arch, tulle, lattice backing covered in fall leaves...) that I had to give up somewhere. And, at least it's good craftsmanship, right? Any advice on how to chic-ify this situation?

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