Monday, April 19, 2010

Cricut Cake Put to the Test

(personal photo)

Mama Sand Dollar excitedly ordered the Cricut Cake as soon as it was available, and today we got the chance to finally test it out! After watching the HSN demonstration on their show, as well as the dvd that came with the product, we felt we were ready to conquer. Everything seemed like a snap, the demo ladies were whipping out designs left and right. We gathered all our supplies together and started it up. And boy how we failed! They forgot to mention all the freezing that's involved. You roll out the dough on your mat, freeze it, cut it, freeze it again, then remove to put on your cake. Yeah, nothing like that was mentioned anywhere. So we spent about two hours fighting with the machine trying to figure out why everything it was cutting was just being pulled around by the blade. Once we figured out this whole freezing process, things weren't so bad.

(personal photo)

The letters actually look pretty cool. And we played with more shapes after these butterflies. They're not so hot. I also figured out that there's no way I'd be able to bake and fondant my own cake. We're going to test it out on a smoothed-out buttercream cake from a grocer to check if the fondant looks odd on buttercream or not. I'm not too sure on mixing medias. But for now, we're calling it a mild success. Oh, and cutting cookie dough with it? Major fail. We'll experiment again some other time. For now I've had all the frosting I can handle.

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