Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Knocked Off: Bigger Kid's Picnic Table

We did it! I conquered my first Knock Off Wood project with the help of Bestie C. I chose the Bigger Kids Picnic table as the first project because a) plans were simple, and b) they're for a 6-year-old who couldn't care less about imperfections so long as he gets a brand new fancy table! And I'm so, so happy with how it turned out! Not too shabby for my first run. Now I have to wait for another Lowe's gift card from my credit card points so I can build another fab freebie.

It's not 100% girl-power though. The boy wouldn't let me use his table-saw. Jerk. Something about wanting to keep my hands attached to my arms. So, we ladies did all the measuring and figuring while he handled all the man-labor. But trust me, as soon as we get a chop saw he's outta here! And we got a lot of screw practicing in. Trust me, those bad boys can be tricky!

Bestie C. hard at work!

But all our hard work paid off. For just about thirty bucks (it was $55 total, but I had 2 3/4 extra 2x4x10's and half a 2x6x8 left over, as well as two boxes of wood screws we didn't use and a bottle of wood glue that was also unnecessary. But all part of the learning experience!) we have a sturdy, pretty picnic table that one kiddo is gonna love.

Find the plans here to build your own! The boy and I are looking forward to upscaling this to adult size. It was seriously easy to build.

*Notes: I printed the plan as soon as it came out, and it had a couple of errors. First was the note to buy twice as many 2x6 boards, I see on the blog that's been fixed. This led to some confusion on what width to use on all the supports (which is why I have the fat 2x6's instead of 2x4's). I decided the bigger width made it look manlier. Self-justification of imperfections, gotta love it! Other note was that you should measure out how many pieces and inches you'll need of 2x4's. They didn't have any 2x4x8's readily available at Lowes so I bought them in 10' lengths. This gave me the extra lumber when I bought the suggested amount. I'll probably hang on to it instead of taking it back to use on another project.

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