Sunday, April 11, 2010

International Princess Project

Now here's a project I can get behind! The International Princess Project started a website selling gorgeous sari-fabric pajamas called Punjammies. Punjammies are made by women who have been rescued from a life of forced-prostitution and sex-slavery. All proceeds go towards providing these women with savings accounts, treatment for their physical and emotional hurts, and giving them fair wages. Plus, you get a stunning, flattering set of pj pants!

They're incredibly comfortable, and absolutely gorgeous. I plan on ordering another pair as soon as I get paid again! A wonderful product with such a great story behind it. This is what makes me happy to buy frivolous things that normally I'd pass over. $35 sleeping pants from Target? No way! $35 for stunning, Indian fabrics that aid women in overcoming their dark pasts and living anew? Right on! So go over to and pick out a pair today!

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