Sunday, April 18, 2010

In Limbo

Bad news. Very bad news. Seems that a family feud is popping up over the Boy inheriting his grandmother's house. To give the Cliff's Notes version, stepdad is a greedy, grasping mongrel and manipulating the Boy's mom (grandma's only daughter) on why we shouldn't be allowed to move in. Now, we've been trying to be polite by going through mom when really it's between the Boy and his grandmother. We'll try to work things out, but now it seems our chances of moving into the house have fallen from 100% guaranteed down to maybe around 65%. And that's after a lengthy, heated conversation. So please keep your fingers crossed for us. It would be such a blessing for us to move in to this home. He'd be close to family and we'd get a huge head-start on our life together. When we go down again at the first of May everything will be decided. But for now, we wait.

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