Friday, April 2, 2010

How to Layout a Floorplan

Working on grandma's house has been such an awesome experience. We get to dream together, a big part in building a foundation for a relationship. One of the main things we get to be all dreamy over is designing the layout for the rooms. Thinking about renovations. All minor ones right now, of course. But it's so much fun. We plan on starting from scratch with the bathroom vanity, and not too far down the line updating the kitchen and installing tile floors. But for now, we'll satisfy ourselves with the little demo here, but a lot of building there.

After reading this post on Young House Love (get on over if you've never read it! This blog is what inspired me to DIY our house), I drew up some rough mockups of the rooms we're having problems on (which is basically every room). What John and Sherry did was mathematically measure on grid paper, but I'm a rough-and-tumble kinda girl so I just decided to wing it. I cut out shapes of the furniture we'd like and each room that was about the right size, and the Boy and I moved it all around to decide how things would fit. The bathroom was pretty static so you can't really tell, but here's a bedroom (which I harassed him with by calling it the Baby room!)
See all the shapes? They're glued down now that we have a decided layout for the rooms. And yeah, that crib looks ginormous but in my experience with cribs they all seem like furniture monsters. And most of the stuff we plan to build ourselves, cause I'm crazy like that.

Here's a shot of them laid out on my counter. We covered both bedrooms, the kitchen (when we get around to it) and the living room (which had been a logistical nightmare before this project). I'm really happy with everything we came up with. It's an easy way to plan out your floorplans without having to measure too much, or move everything around. The perfect way to brainstorm. We even decided to apply it to our reception venue!

Aren't we a lovely stick-couple? It makes my vision much more complete, plus the Boy gave a lot of great input. I went ahead and ordered 60 paper lanterns today to add to our light getup. But more on that later. I think I've talked enough for today!

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