Thursday, March 4, 2010

WIWOT: InSwimwear ads


Need the perfect little black suit? Hop on over to InSwimwear and find one before you hit the beach! (or in my case, the river!) I really wanted a sleek and sexy look for these, and I love how it turned out. Plus, now I get to find my perfect suit for swim season! And trust me, it's a hottie. Wanna see?

by Lady Lux

Hello, Seaside Pinup! Is this not a hot swimsuit? Mind you, this is not me in it. Though I might trade for those abs, I prefer my face to resemble the one God gave me ;) Same for the, uh, other parts. But I am so excited about this sucker, I can't wait to take it out to the Guadalupe. InSwimwear truly has a suit to flatter every body type. And I really love designing the ads. It inspires me that it's about time to start hittin' the pavement again after my winter hibernation!

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