Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wedding: The Red Guys


When preparing for my Lakeside Bridal Fair booth, I wanted to present as many invitations as possible for my spring collection (which ended up being a grand total of 10, not too shabby I say!) I've featured all the rest of the pieces but these three, and ironically they're all done in red! Wonder what I have against the color? It is very aggressive...

I threw in a #9 sized invite just to mix things up a bit. Sometimes we all like the unexpected. And yet there's nothing wrong with doing things the traditional way either.

A formal frame around traditional wedding wording. And I know I was perfectly matched for this industry when I realized it paired lovely serif fonts with gorgeous script ones.  For the show, however, I wanted to play with color (and names). Here's how they all turned out.

I'm particularly fond of the grey and yellow. You can see the three red ones peeking out underneath. But navy, chocolate and grey were much more eye-catching, so they got to hang out on top. These three round out my collection nicely. They add balance with the formal options, and the more modern look of the flowers.

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