Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My my, Butterfly!


Well here they are! I hope you're ready for a photo heavy post, because I am one proud mama of this labor of love. I spent the better part of two days assembling six bridesmaid bouquets and my much spiffier larger bouquet. The colors are vibrant and happy and the ribbons make the look so luxe.

All seven in the basket make quite an impressive display. I varied the sizes and colors so they would have a lot of dimension and interest. And to shake things up a little, my bouquet is the only one wrapped in orange (I was OBSESSED with this color in high school) and the other six are doubled up wrapped in red, yellow and brown.


The brown bridesmaid bouquet. I'm surprised with how well they filled out, at first I was worried they'd look shabby and empty. But after ordering another round of butterflies, they look so lush and full!

The big red guys are my faves. And I love that some of the yellows have glitter. Can you believe these were all made from feathers? They look fantastic.


I can't wait till the wedding to take pictures with these, they're going to pop so well against the ladies' black dresses. And now for the big kahuna.

So bright. So orange! I added little crystals on the tops of all the bouquets to hide the hot glue. I think it looks good, no? And I absolutely covered this sucker with butterflies. They're dripping over the sides, I'm so happy! It looks even better than my inspiration photo.


Swoon. This is by far my absolute favorite wedding project. And my favorite detail?


My lucky Fonz! The Fonz has been with me since my first job at 16. I love this little pin. I thought I lost him once, but he was recovered beneath the depths of the seat of my car. Now he's going to be forever safe and adored on the base of my bouquet. Plus I'm sure he'll grant me a little luck on the big day. Thanks fonz!

So there you have it. Seven gorgeous bouquets. And the kicker? They were less than $13 a piece. Yes, you read that right. Thirteen dollars per bouquet! Talk about cheap chic. If the rest of the wedding looks this great, then I'm going to be one happy bride come September! 

*All photos were taken by moi

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