Sunday, March 21, 2010

To Grandma's House We Go

There she is folks. Our first house. The boy's grandma is generously giving him her house, originally built in the '50's. So not only is this our first home, it's our first fixer upper! The 2 bed 1 bath creekside beauty is complete with retro cabinets and brown shag carpet. Yeah baby.
Isn't that carpet gorgeous? Yeah, not so much. That was one of the first things to go. And the sliding closet doors and window features? Soon to follow.
Ancient linoleum coupled with mismatched cabinets and countertops. This one's going to be a much longer reno, but phase 1 will be pulling up the floors and painting the outdated wood.
Mirrored tiles. 'Nuff said. Oh, but the kicker? There's neon flower wallpaper under there. Fab.
The fireplace is a gem. That will be the focal point, and one of the few things left untouched. This is retro at its best folks.
I get chills of horror looking at this. I mean, wtf? Lattice divider? Creepy old countertop? Ginormous plate glass mirror. And the tub will have to be refinished too. I don't even know if we'll battle the wallpaper.
The second bedroom is the only one remaining with the original hardwood (hardwood!) floors. Please, carpet men everywhere, stop the madness. It should be against the law to rip out hardwoods to install carpet. Especially in an entire house! Oh the horror! The pain! Someday we'll have hardwoods again. When we're both employed and rolling in dough.
The backyard is another diamond in the rough. Beyond that chain link fence is a slope down to a wide creek you can boat in. I totally plan to canoe to the grocery store. Just try and stop me! And that old patio roof will need to go soon too. All in due time.

So there it is in its raw state. We've done quite a bit so far, but it seems like we've barely moved. Now I see why home improvements never seem to end...

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Stacie said...

Dude, how have you been so lucky to have TWO houses that back up to a creek?! I mean, seriously, that's awesome!!

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