Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Support Love

Does this look a little familiar? Well it should, it's based on my deer design used in my Etsy shop! When an elementary friend contacted me about adapting my design for a LBGT society, I have to admit I was excited. It's a more subtle way to cheer for equal rights. I'll be handling the printing of these shirts, done on high quality American Apparel tees. Here's the mockup.
Cute yeah? I think they'll turn out pretty great. This is the first time I'll be outsourcing printing of my designs, mainly because I am getting crazy tired of slaving over my Yudu screenprinter, which is what I've been doing all my tshirts, shop items, and wedding stationery on. I'm ready to mass produce baby! And I can't wait to rock this shirt, I think it's super cute!

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