Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spotlight: Vixen boutique

I loved art school. Having an art major was the best thing about college. We didn't have papers, or speeches, or tons of homework. Each class had 4 projects per semester, each lasting three weeks. Mind you, we still worked our tushies off. But it was fun work in the studio or on computers rather than in the library. This was for my corporate design class, and we had to create a logo, and then an ad campaign to go with it. This was the first logo I was proud of. Mind you now I look at it and cringe, but it's really not so bad. This is just a designer's version of an old yearbook photo with blue eyeshadow and suspenders or something. The ad campaign induces the same reaction.
This was a billboard. Um, yeah. Not so hot. But I was in my illustration obsession phase, so I thought it was the coolest thing ever. The magazine layouts are just as awesome.
At least I tried, right? And I promise you I wasn't overly vain, I just had to use photos I owned in order to create the illustrations, and I didn't have too many to choose from with girls in nice clothes. So please forgive me. And don't judge me, I was an unenlightened college student with apparently no taste.

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