Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spotlight: Sarah Morris, DDS

This just might be the fanciest dentist I've ever heard of. Chic office, exam rooms with massage chairs and flatscreens with lavender scented warm towels. How do I get health insurance to pay for that huh? I think writing her brochure was my favorite part! This office is swanky. And as it was also one of the first business kits I designed, I think they turned out pretty snazzy myself. Check it.


Very "Texas Chic" color scheme, and I went with the oh-so-fabulous Scriptina font. And the brocure was very content-heavy, but I think it ended up having a pretty good balance.

Not a bad first effort, I'd say. Probably better than a few that followed. I like that the graphic style fit her business aesthetic so well. And the best part was infinite proofs, as I was working in prepress at a big printing company at the time. Nothing like practice makes perfect!

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