Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Santa Fe Girls' Trip


 I'm wishing my little heart out that the weather warms up soon. As in spring warm, not fake-me-out-then-snow-again warm. Seems like this winter will never end! I'm tired of the chill! So to combat the frigid spirit, I'm posting about the girls' trip my mom, sister and I went on last July to Santa Fe. Oh, believe you me it was toasty out there! I'm trying to channel the sunshine energy right now...

The resort was fantastic, a wonderful place to relax after a long day. We were the little hacienda on the far right. Nice and secluded, perfect for naps.

We took a mid-morning trail ride through a state park, they even have mining relics still standing! This ridge was gorgeous, and just looking at my suntan is making me want to fast forward to laying out by the pool.
And Santa Fe actually looks like this! Even Walgreens is built like a pueblo. Wandering around downtown was a nonstop treat for the eyes. Almost like being in the Old West, but with better shopping!

And there's so much to see with just a short drive out of town. This is an active reservation with Native Americans still living in their ancestors pueblos. Isn't that incredible?


And we even got to see another state park, where they were still uncovering an ancient site. You can check out the dwellings people carved out of the cliff walls.  And it was a good 4 mile round trip hike, so we got some exercise out of the deal. A great way to burn off all that Mexican food!


And I love this last picture. Nothing else shouts "Stairway to Heaven" like this!
Wanna know a little secret? All these photos were taken with my iphone! I played around in Photoshop after, but don't ever let someone fool you into thinking you have to have a fancy camera to take good photos. Don't get me wrong, I love my Rebel DSLR, but nothing's handy in a pinch like your cell phone!

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