Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Keystone Cowboys

Living with a college kid is not such a bad deal. He grills and cooks a lot, sweeps, and is a pretty tidy person. Plus, there's always fun people around and he doesn't freak out about dog hair all over my purple couches, or the tv that's on the smaller side. So when he asked me to print him and his friends some team shirts for an impeding case race*, I was pretty excited. (Plus I kind of wanted the opposition, his girlfriend and roommates, to STOMP them!) Here's how they turned out.
So it's not the best photo ever, I was in a rush, sorry! But they look really cute! In a man-way of course. I was really impressed with how fine the Yudu was able to print lines. I did shirts for the girls' team too, but I have a soft spot for alliteration. What can I say? And though the ladies put up a good fight, as well as a few "questionable" tactics, there was a bit of disqualification at the end. Apparently you must keep all that beer down, and any sickness is immediate disqualification. Who knew drinking games had such intense rules?

* A case race is when two teams (usually consisting of 2-3 college students) see who can drink a case of beer (30, just fyi) the fastest. A wonderful way to achieve alcohol poisoning! And for the record, I have never played such a game. Or really any drinking games. So many empty calories taking away my hard earned Insanity Workout muscles...

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