Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jenna Cole Photoshoot

One year ago, last March, I got the chance to have a playdate photoshoot with the lovely Jenna Cole. We had a blast taking photos at my stunningly gorgeous apartment complex, the Vue Greenville. Seriously, this was hands down my absolute favorite place to live. I loved the location, the interior design, everything. But I'll wax poetic tomorrow and post pictures of its' glory. For now, let's stick to the point. Me ;)
Aren't her photos lovely? I'm beyond thrilled with these. I've ordered my own Moo cards, and were it socially acceptable, I would plaster my house with my own face. No lie.
I can't wait to move somewhere with space for my piano. I had to leave it behind at my parents' house for now. But soon, my love, we shall be reunited! It's so beautiful, and is a quality antique. Oh, and the best part? It was $125 on Craigslist. Heaven.
Gotta represent the books. And see my cute little orange cactus there? That was Herbert, our love cactus. As soon as I moved to Waco I perched him in my windowsill, and the dogs proceeded to eat it. All of it. Yeah, they even ate the stalk. So, buh-bye love cactus. Let's hope they don't eat my children!

I heart you, sun flare. And that about wraps up my own personal love-fest. If you've never done a professional photoshoot, I highly recommend it. It will do wonders for your self esteem. There are loads of lovely photos left, but most of them feature my apartment, so I'll save 'em for tomorrow.

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