Sunday, March 28, 2010

In Living Color

Progress is being made slowly but surely at the Southern Oaks house. This weekend was our last visit for another month, when we'll be hitting the ground running during the week-long break between semesters for the Boy. We had goals, and luckily we were able to check off all the items on our To-Do list. We finished grinding off the last of the linoleum glue (which means the floors are finally done being removed, now it's just prepping them to do, well, whatever we end up deciding to do to them), peeled off the final resistant remnants of wallpaper, but most importantly, finally got to paint!

Unfortunately we didn't have time to clean before photos however. But I'm so happy with the green. It's hard to tell in the pictures, but the ceiling and closet color is a shade lighter than the walls. We used that same principle in the second bedroom.
I love this blue. Absolutely adore it. And we still have edging to do, so please don't judge me. And the trim all has to be painted, as well as the floor sanded to remove all the carpet glue. But it's progress, and it makes me happy.

Our next venture includes even more painting. Lots more painting. The kind that makes you scream in protest and vow to never paint another room again. But at least once we're done we can move on to the more fun projects (even though that's what I said about painting when we were removing carpet and lino, but hey, gotta keep your chin up!) And hopefully with more than twice the time we normally get to spend, everything will be tidy and clean and ready to take beautiful glamor shots to post instead of dirty floors and messy beds. But you can't win 'em all!

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