Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Heart You Vue Greenville!

Vue Greenville was my absolute favorite place to live, ever. Hands down. Settled on the corner of Greenville and Ross, this snazzy little joint was heaven for me. Garage parking, gorgeous pool, decked out fitness center, it had it all. And for a very reasonable price too. But what really blew me away was the decorating of the place. Not for one second did I relegate apartment living with the typical collegiate atmosphere. And I had it decorated so well, I was such a proud apartment mama!

My furniture came from two places, IKEA and Target. But I did my darndest to make everything beautiful and just how I wanted it. This table? Chrome spraypainted. And my color scheme was purple and silver. Can you tell?

I adored these purple IKEA couches. And I'm speaking in past tense as since they've been moved to my Waco apartment boys and dogs have been very hard on them and they are looking a little worse for wear. But when they were alive in full glory, they were magnificent! I even made the Boy help me dye them before we even started dating! I was that serious. And they matched so well with the IKEA rug. And coffee table. And those bookcases? I built them myself. I'm a rather proud mama about those!  Sprayed in the same chrome paint (along with my barstools) as the table and chairs.
The other angle, featuring bookcase #2 and my jazzy tv setup. It's a little on the teensy side, but a recent grad can't be expected to have a 50" right off the bat, ya know?
And I can't leave out my hand-made deer. Posterboard, tissue and mod podge baby. I love them!
My glorious craigslist piano and the one of my favorite birthday gifts, a real Thomas Kincaid. It's chillin with a thousand candles and two cheap TK printoff's mounted in Hobby Lobby frames. But you can't really tell.
And the kitchen, oh the kitchen! This is my dream. Well, almost. But look at all that storage! And the island! And the adorable pendant lights! And my mom found that awesome bubble mirror from target. Seriously, I never wanted to leave this room. Baking was amazingly simple here.
The bathroom was wonderful as well. You can see my lovely little purple shower curtain in the mirror there, to tie in the other room in a more muted way. And it had a garden tub, and the biggest closet I've owned. Can you see why I cried when I left?
My Target bedroom furniture was so fun. I'll never go back from a platform bed again! And who knew a discount store could have such chic furniture?

Now that bed is baby blue, but here it lived in all its' chocolate glory!
My patio was the shiz too. It was huge! I used it as my bike storage, garden area, and lounge. I even had a swing to relax on. Don't believe the size? Check it out!
And the view was great too, downtown Dallas, which I think is a great green downtown view (minus the electric pole).
But so much about the location was ideal. I walked to the Sunflower Organic Market and could even use my green grocery bags. I could walk up Greenville to all the restaurants and bars at night, and to the coffee shops on Henderson. I could cross over to Knox for shopping. And it was a quick 10 minute drive to the office when we needed to go in for meetings. Some days I wish I never had to leave, but I know I'm in a good place now, too. And soon, I'll be in the best of all, a fixer-upper house with the Boy!

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